Company profile

MDL was conceptualized by a group of young researchers from Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany in the year 2002 during their stint as research fellows pursuing doctoral programs in the field of Biotechnology.
Mitteldeutsche Labortechnik MDL GmbH has taken its shape and emerged as a spin off with these Humboldt research fellows of exceptional academic and scientific experience garnered in Germany and USA as a core team.
This core team of scientific personnel always felt that a gap between the needs of the scientific community and the services rendered to them had existed. To bridge this gap and with a mission to provide best of the solutions MDL has assumed a humble responsibility in its own way to serve the biotech research community across the globe.
Mitteldeutschland viz., Central Germany is one of the most dynamic and innovative regions in the Life Science Research & industry in Germany with its diverse locations in R & D with a great emphasis on the biotechnology sector. Mitteldeutsche Labortechnik abbreviated as MDL has taken its roots in Leipzig in Central Germany to accomplish swift technology transfers with dual motto of “Lab to Land” and “Bench to Business” in the biotechnology field.
The company combines these long-time experiences of different researchers in the fields of biotechnology to meet the future trends in the life science industry proactively. Together with its partners it offers full service in Europe, USA and Asia. MDL laboratory technology offers a wide range of innovative equipment for numerous applications in research and development. The products not only meet the current requirements in relation to their technical performance but also quality and reliability for the end customer. The main focus of MDL is to provide innovative products originating from our own know-how and through strategic collaborations and alliances from Germany to our distributors placed globally. A strong emphasis emanates from our core team not only to meet the changing needs and demands of the scientific community but also sustaining the higher standards of quality.
The company has a reputation for paying the highest attention to quality, reliability, service and support in catering to the needs of the life science industry viz., Universities, research institutions and never the less pharmaceutical industry in the field of instrumentation.